Voodoo knife Block

The voodoo knife block is instantly recognizable has defined itself by its uniqueness. The knife holder the perfect addition to any kitchen and will make a great addition to any kitchen. The set comprises the holder (made of ABS plastic) and the fives knives.

The knife set comprises bread, carving, utility, pairing and Chef’s Knives – all made form high grade vanadium steel to give a sharp edge that will last and serve you well. The five knives have been selected to cover all of the major tasks you are ever likely to need to complete in a domestic kitchen. The Moly-Van Molybdenum alloyed with Vanadium stainless steel is selected because of its ability to hold an edge combined with its ability to resist corrosion and look great. The knives that keep their shine will look great with the holder that has a high gloss finish.

The knife holder is made of plastic with a high-gloss finish that is easy to keep shiny with a simple wipe of the cloth. The knife man looks great both with and without the knives thrust into him. Each blade holder is equipped with a magnetic catch to ensure they will resist accidentally falling out and protective covers to prevent accidental injury when the item is being used for display.

There are a selection of colours available the standards of red (the original), black (for more powerful black voodoo) as well as the newer purple (aubergine), Green (for envy) and the ever cool chrome!

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voodoo knife block